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After visiting so many finance and investing sections on different websites Money Central is the most consistent site that I have ever experienced.

Colour of brand :

For a user a website should be eye catchy and colours are the most important thing to make a website more lively and attractive and msn is doing a great job in maintaining this area. The colour combination used in the header and the background is eye soothing and it is proven that the combination of white n blue is already revolutionary. Every section has been properly presented and the important topics under these sections are widely expressed. The presentation done via pictures and flash movies gives kind of vitality to the section.

Going Through

The navigation on Money Central is way too smart, sickness since the main theme is same as MSN network. The top of the page gives direct links to the MSN homepage, ed MSN Hotmail and log in section. Also there is a search bar which is quite handy.

Then there are the various sections of msn Money listed on the dark blue bar. The selected tab gets highlighted with white color. Which, gives a soothing look. Also there is a left navigation which lists the various quick access links and other sections like News Centre, Banking, Investing, Planning, Taxes, Community, Notifications. etc. But the country selection tool should be given on the top or on the right navigation instead of at the end of pageā€¦

Also due to the use of less no of Flash movies and .swf files the page is not so heavy to load even for the dial up users. As per the designing part graphics are superb, at places certain illustrative charts are also used so as to have a quick look as in the market update section.

In the end is really an impressive site, having a parental look of MSN, still lively on its own. Good hard work done which can be seen through the organized section and the look and feel.