IT Employment Website Review


Since the IT boom times of the early 90’s, ampoule IT jobs have been restructured, retrenched and revolutionalised in great numbers. Unfortunately, a lot of people who had based their career pathways in IT found themselves unemployed and proceeded to get angry via complaints boards on the internet (and who could blame them?)


In 2003, Paul Knapp decided there was room for a recruitment site with a difference – it would contain meaningful short articles on the state of the industry and have real jobs that people could apply directly to employers for, thus cutting out the frustrating middlemen of the new age – job agencies.

Paul Knapp’s idea has been cemented in his Brainbox website, and he is to be commended on providing a helpful and much easier experience for IT jobseekers.

The website itself loads up quite fast, using a combination of forms, frames, html and javascript. The colours used are quite bland and put the viewer in mind of an IT worker (note the greys are the same colours as those used on most computers and mice!) while the logo has a daring dash of green which makes the site just that little bit more exciting and a little bit more professional.

The ultimate success of this website is in its layout. The left menu contains the key elements of Forum, Job Search, Advice etc and the middle white box contains lists pertaining to the main subject clicked on (eg, Forum posts). On the right side is some trivia, statistics and advertising, which viewers can feel free to ignore if they wish.

Brainbox is browser compatible, using frame percentages to shrink or expand the window appropriately. The viewer is assured of an easy-to-navigate, easy to follow website with content that is updated frequently. My only critique would be that more colour is needed….and not necessarily in the advertising!


Conclude your review. You may also suggest some final tips to improve if any. There are no hard and fast rules in the conclusion (even in the different sections of the review). Be professional. Be honest but not rude.