Serge Winck’s Digital Art


SWART is an online portfolio of Serge Winck’s Digital Art. The site includes a multitude of designs including logos, typestyles, promotional ads and more. Unfortunately due to the layout, designs and loading times, the site actually degrades Serge artistically.


There is no branding in Serge’s imagery or web design, which makes the site feel more like the work of an amateur then a professional. It seems that Serge wishes to use his talents for clients looking for his type of work, yet he doesn’t make this clear to the site visitors and doesn’t include an easy way to get in contact with him.

Serge’s art style is very colorful, which is quite the opposite of the colors he decided to use for the over all design. The backgrounds are black, dark grey or a texture of a rock type material and are complimented with grey and red text. This design choice creates the illusion that the site is dark and cold. Serge includes samples of his artwork in the form of thumbnails which is really the only colorful imagery on the site.


The opening splash page to welcome visitors is very large for no apparent reason, creating large amounts of blank space between areas of interest. Upon entering the main index, the site is pulled together more closely and items are organized into categories.

The main navigation system is either at the top or bottom of every page, however due to the color choice of a dark red, this makes the words hard to read, especially on the textured background. The buttons are also hard to read until you mouse-over them making navigation a bit tricky to the first time visitor.

The artwork itself is listed in thumbnails on the left and right hand side, and clicking on them makes a larger version in the middle. There is no flash and the artwork is quite small even when enlarged, though the loading times of the site and images are slow.


Though Serge may have artistic talent, web design is not his strong area. The site is cluttered, dark and hard to navigate making the over-all experience unpleasant.