SEO Company Website Review

Introduction is a popular SEO company on the internet and has done alot of advertising. As a SEO company, online they have good Google PR and Alexa ranking. I heard alot of stories about the company and decided to visit their website and try out their service.


I thought the logo is well designed. The dot on top of the “i” looks like a target and the word “hits” in red sort of emphasizes the idea of “bringing hits” for your website. By looking at the logo alone, cialis you feel that the company has the capability to achieve great SEO result for you. The blue is also used consistently on every pages. The gradient on the navigation menu and header gives people a smooth feeling.

The navigation is very simple and easy to use. The 2 tier navigation system is effective and loads quite fast on my modem. On closer look, medicine you will find that all the url are optimized for keywords. For example, The link for “online advertising” is and so on.

Red is used effectively to highlight important news such as sales or advertisements. It is not overwhelming and does blends in well with most of the pages. The title and meta-tags for every page is also very well optimized for all the pages.


They have a live chat service which is very useful if you want to find out more about their products. I asked the operator many SEO questions and it seems to me that they are more eager to sell me their products rather than telling me the details. Even their emails contain alot of links asking me to buy this and that…

I decided to sign up their Traffic Trifecta package just to test out their service. I also paid for premium submit which cost $100 in total. After a few days, the optimization was completed and I found out that only 1 of my pages is optimized for title and meta tag. I was also told later that only 1 page is optimized every month with a monthly recurring fee. I wanted to quit the the plan immediately but was persisted to stay for 3 months by their operator. The operator keeps copying and pasting her answers on the screen and that puts me off completely.


Overall, the site is well designed and easy to navigate. It has great appeal for people to use their services. On further investigation, I found that there were too much emphasis on marketing…you see discounts everywhere. A good website should gain the trust of the end-user and therefore should not boost or maket too much but should instead give more details of their products. (Too much advertisement is the problem with most web sites). This is only my experience, it may be different for you.