Too Many Ads


When I first visited the site, I felt I understood exactly what the company did just by looking at their logo. Their name and slogan says it all. The line graph was a good choice to reinforce to the visitor that they’re a statistics company above all else.


Their home page design is clean for the most part, if not very exciting. Colors and fonts are consistent in their look and feel, however the bulk ads, annoying pop-ups, and links to external sites such as “Adult DVD Movies Download” gets to be a little much after a few visits. I started to wonder if these people even knew who their advertisers where or cared what kind of image and standards they projected.

As for the internal pages, things get a little ugly, especially if you have log-in problems. There is absolutely no continuity in design or font choice on the error page.

The functional pages such as Profile are a bit better looking, and tend to be more consistent in look and feel.


Once you’re logged-in, there is a simple menu to your left with all of your options for the site. Of course, the expectedly simple act of logging-in is rather difficult if you have a new account, since you can’t use their main log-in screen right away and have to click a link on the failed log-in screen to go to another page to enter your username and password again.

While the internal features of the site are fairly straight forward, it was a bit of a chore to figure out exactly what to do next. Ads, A topic and the fields in which to enter data are all that greet the user on most pages. There are no additional descriptions of the pages’ functionality or help text of any kind. Ease of use rates so-so at best.

Their core service is simple enough and useful enough for most small websites needing a counter and statistical tracking. Their downloadable toolbar, which offers up instant access to your sites’ hits data, is an option for some, but isn’t feasible for those that don’t like extras installed on their computer.


I was not impressed with There are too many ads. There was a lot of amateur design errors throughout their site, it was not very user friendly, and their service just doesn’t compete with the statistical tracking available with most website hosting packages available at many quality ISPs.