Wow Website

Introduction is a reputed online toy store and community website with very handsome traffic. The journey throughout website is exciting and I am sure many kids will be attracted by it.


At a first glance, the website looks very cool, giving the user a pleasant impression. Flash animation is part of the website, although the website is still loading very fast. The logo and graphics look awesome and striking. Anyone can understand what they are trying to say and the service that they are providing. brand is uniform throughout the website. The top menu is consistent for each and every web pages, providing a cool surfing experience. Relevant colorful icons are used in the top menu to enhance the navigation system. The web site is designed for English and Deutsch version and it looks extra-ordinary on each and every page.

Overall, the design is clean and neat. Creative Images and colorful icons drive the theme of the site. Flash Animation on the homepage shows that the website is updated on a regular basis.

The color balance is good and very effective for catching the user’s attention especially for kids. All the images are optimized very well and the positioning of each images are planned properly.


The Navigation system looks very nice, but from SEO point of view, it is not suggested to use images in the navigation system. Alt tag is not used on images. But, other than that, it is awesome.

– The Quick links enhances the navigation system. It provides all the necessary links to user with different topics like products, club, shop and legoland.

– The Powerful search facility provides easy solution for users to find stuffs on website. There are 2 search boxes, one on top and the other at the bottom section of the site.

There are 2 sections on their homepage that are reserved for product promotion. The Featured product is packaged in an attractive flash animation, which is update regularly. “What’s New” is a section that includes promotional news with images and links which is again, another good example of product promotion.

Conclusion is very nice and the most professional looking website I ever seen. The navigation system is easy to understand, images and flash animation is extra-ordinary, simply awesome. If I were to give a rating to it, I would say 10 out of 10!