Web Design Company Knows Design


Upon first landing on the home page for TwoSpots Web Design, one thing immediately went through my mind: “This is a website for a web and graphics design company. I really hope it measures up to standard.” Well…it did! TwoSpots definitely “gets it” when it comes to building a good website.


It was easy to settle in spend some time here. Right away, I felt this would be a clean and friendly experience. Their logo is simple, catchy, and says exactly what they do. Branding is strong, as they have a common header placing their logo at the top left of every page, and their content is meaningful and well written. The picture in the header changes with each page, and placement is consistent. The site images are relevant to the content throughout. Everything is well organized and follows a standard from one page to the next. The font choices are simple and not a strain on the eye. This creates and easy, pleasant read. The random articles at the bottom left of the home page are a nice touch.

After exploring the site for some time, I was relieved to find that the pleasantries of the first few pages did indeed extend to the rest of the site. More consistency; more information; yet never an undue regurgitation of the same-old/same-old like so many other websites. I just didn’t get bored looking around here. Navigation is simple and clean – like everything else here – and is controlled through a vertical main menu system at the top right, a topic-specific submenu running horizontally just below it, and various links in the content itself that take you right where you need to go next. There is also a site search available on every page just under the menus, and I found no broken links on the site during my visit.


TwoSpots offers web and graphic design, as well as a number of other related services such as photography, business printing, website hosting, and Internet marketing. In each case, they offer examples of their work, so it’s easy to feel comfortable and trusting towards this company with your web design needs.


This is a nice, clean website. What they do, they do well. I was impressed with everything I saw on the site, and I actually enjoyed the time I spent there. A lot of websites could learn a thing or two from twospots.com.