God Play

I once read an article about how we could manipulate DNA to change the destiny of mankind. We could be free from illnesses and never die. We could also clone 100 Einsteins and so on. What does it mean to be able to “Play God”? Is it something good or bad?

In one of my school animation project, unhealthy my friend and I decided to create an animation about DNA manipulation, we called it “God Play”. The animation is short and our focus is to create a negative feeling about going against nature. My friend did the 3d objects in 3d studio max while I did the story board and chose the music. We then combined the effects in final cut pro.

We felt that the choice of music was really important to convey the negative emotion we had about modifiying DNA. We looked high and low for a suitable music and finally found one. To make the message believable, we tried our very best to synchronise the music with the animation. For example, a high point in the music should be accompanied by a strong visual impact in the animation and so on. We chose only to use black and white to convey the idea of “dullness and pessimism”. We hoped the style that we used could add on to the negative feeling we wanted to achieve.

Watching an animation is like listening to a story. There is the introduction, body and conclusion. Without using words, “God Play” convey the ideas of the story using music, motion and transition effects. In a movie, transition effects is like saying “then”, “however”, “moreover”…etc in a subtle way. I wanted the transition to be smooth and able to show the flow of the story from one screen to the next. Other than using fading effects, I also used elements in one screen to lead into the next. For example, by zooming in so close to a red blood cell, your will see a bright light. The light then leads in to the next screen which is a tunnel. Hope you know what I mean. This simple technique is used alot in the short animation.