Educational High School Mathematics Website

Introduction is an online mathematics education portal. The site itself provides many math lessons, formulas, theory and even a forum for people to ask questions. The website focuses on high school mathematics, targeting at internet users ranging from 12 to 20 years old.


The website as a whole looks very technical. I am more of a graphic design person and is very tempted to ask the author to work more on the colors and inject more graphics. However, having said that, I also realised that the website’s focus should be on the content. It is possible to get dedicated visitors if the content is unique and interesting. I feel that the author has done a good job in providing interesting content for high school maths students.

Like I mentioned before, the aesthetics of the website is probably irrelevant here and I do not want to dwell into it.

The menu list is long and could be confusing. This could pose a problem if the author wants to add more topics in the near future. To solve the problem, I would suggest to use javascript or collapsible menus. Other than reading the title header, there is no way I know which topic I am in after clicking on the links in the menu. It might therefore be a good idea to highlight the topic after the user click on it.

The menu and some web pages have links to the forum but clicking on the links will take the users directly to the forum. I strongly feel that the use of pop up windows will justify here because I want the users to visit the forum but I do not want them to leave my main site. I would also prefer the forum to be fully English. There is only one forum and the language should be internationally friendly, ie English.


Web pages that contain mathematical theory probably need no changes over a long period of time. So, the greatest challenge for math10 is probably to sustain its visitors by providing updated maths questions and tutorials. Instead of having the questions together with the theory page, It might be a good idea to have another section to focus on questions for certain topics. For example, under “quadratic equation”, the author might provide a link to more quadratic questions in another section of the website.

After browsing through the web pages, I spotted serious language problems in the whole website. The homepage itself already contains errors. It could be typos and I might be wrong about the author’s language ability. An example is the introduction text:

” In the furture for every theme there will be many interesting tasks with decidions. ”

I would love to see more text, descriptions and examples under each chapters. The introduction of each chapter is too brief for me. The short test is a good way to gauge the student’s understanding of the different topics and I would recommend the author to add more self evaluation tests.


Overall, I would love to see more topics, questions, tests, and a more organised menu. The website does not look appealing, so the author must work very hard on the content. Driving traffic to the website is probably the biggest challenge. The author needs to find ways to get traffic for by liasing with educational institutes or other educational websites.