Harrisville Fire District


Harrisville Fire District is located in the heart of the Town of Burrillville, encompassing the historic villages of Harrisville and Glendale. The website is very informational but the design and layout is a little confusing.

Form and Function

The author has done a good job in explaining what the website is about in the index page. The title “Harrisville Fire District” is almost impossible to miss. However, I have to admit that the animated fire engine (with the sound) across the screen is very irritating. Every time I returned back to the homepage, the animation started all over again . I also realised that the the website does not seem to work on my firefox browser.

The left menu is straight forward and easy to understand but the text links in the footer is too long. The author could have just use “Water Department” instead of “Return to Harrisville Water Department Home Page”. The author might also want to consider adding a section on “user privacy” or “terms of use” to make the website more official.

Alot of images in the website could have been replaced by text links which is good for SEO. For example, the header title and the top navigation menu. It is also a good practice to add alt tags for all the images used in the site.

It seems that the department pages are maintained by different parties. I feel that more coordination is needed as the look and feel of each department pages is so different from the home site (The first image on the right shows the fire department landing page). From the web design point of view, this is not healthy as it is confusing for the user. In fact, I prefer the clean home page design as compared to the department design.

The website contains incredible amount of information for the local community. The fire department especially, is just like a website on its own. It talks about the department’s history, equipment, stations, membership, recruitment …etc. I hope that the water department pages can be as informational.


In conclusion, Harrisvilleri.org is a website with good content. The homepage design is fine to me except for the animated fire engine across the screen. The author might consider having more consistent menu and design across all the pages in the website. Lastly, firefox should be supported as more people are using it as their main browser.