The stores behind the smiles

Introduction online magazine is about living life to the fullest with any disability, cure invisible disease, or chronic pain. The website is motivating and serves as a valuable internet resource for disabled people.

Form and Function

I feel that the left menu items could be better arranged in a more logical way. The more important links should be listed first. Somehow, I feel that the “Tips and Articles” has to go up and the “Links” has to go down. Web contests are always attractive. It might be a good idea for the author to promote it. The author might want to create a banner somewhere in the content area to encourage the readers to click on it.

The navigation is easy to understand but I find some extra space on the header of my firefox browser. The layout is also abit different in different browsers. It is not serious but deserves attention. The 2 images on the right shows the inconsistency of the text and layout in the firefox browser.

Some article abstract list in the main content area is too long. The “product review” section for example makes the reader scrolls alot. The author might consider breaking up the content into different pages. It might also be a good idea to insert more images. Currently, though the content is good, the list is too long and may appear boring to the readers.

The author seems to be promoting the forum and online shop alot. There are similar links on the header, menu and footer. Indeed, both sections deserve a visit. The phpbb forum (message board) has a long range of topics and is one of the most detailed forum I have ever seen. The online store is hosted on another site. The look and feel is slightly different but the range of products is interesting. If you are looking for gifts for people with disabilities, have a look at the store.

Personally, I find that there are be too many ads around which could serve as distractors. Instead of having different ads from different sources, the author might just promote the products in the store. The author could have a few gifs promoting say a T-shirt or mug on sale for example. This is a good way to invite the readers to the store. I believe that selling an item in the store is much profitable than a click on the ads.


I would like to conclude that is a very resourceful website for people with disabilities. There is nothing spectacular about the design but the content itself deserves recognition. I hope that the author can continue to update the website and provide more useful content for the general public. Please Keep it up!