Counter Strike Website Review

Introduction is a website about CounterStrike, rx a popular network game. I am not a CS fan, there so I probably cannot comment on the content. From the web design perspective, prostate alot of improvements could be done on its graphics and navigation.

Form and Function

The author needs to talk more about themselves and what the website is about. At the moment, unless the author is only targeting at experienced CounterStrike players, visitors with no prior knowledge of CounterStrike will not know what the website is about.

The home page content looks OK but the images are abit dark for me. The main navigation on top could have been better organised. Some links could be regrouped under a new menu item. Looking at the home page, I also realised the “Navy Information” section itself could be categorised under the sub-menu of another menu. Alot of work could be done in re-organising the links.

One very obvious issue with the website is the consistency of its layout. The gallery section for example, is no longer “800 x 600” and the main menu has a different look and feel as compared to the index page. The header image appears squashed as well.


The information presented in the website gives me an impression that the author is a CS addict. I cannot comment on the content but I would definitely recommend the author to work harder on the design. Perhaps using standard CSS for all the pages is a good start. He might also consider using a template to generate the layout so that the webpages are consistent – less confusion for the user. At the moment, I feel that things are flying all over the place.