Argentina Travel Tourism


Argentinen Erleben (Enjoy Argentina) is essentially a tour operator working with other travel operators and building you a customized vacation based on your needs.


At first glance the website comes across as a charity organization with the sterile look and feel. I was waiting for a paypal donation pop-up window. They should focus on using more earthy colors with vibrant greens and display more animal life, sovaldi people, site places etc. The majority of tourists go to other countries to experience other cultures. There’s a .pdf link hidden at the bottom of the page, which should be more prominent with an Acrobat icon. The menu transitions should be faster and visitors must have the option to mute the mouse-over click noises.

The layout is nicely done and the page transitions are smooth. The gallery has got some nice photos and the website has two language options.

The font used throughout the website is difficult to read and almost impossible to scan. The default language is German, which is not the best choice even if their majority of clients are German. English is the web standard and visitors will expect the pages to be English. If they choose to view the website in another language then the visitor can make the decision. There are no introductory text which could loose the website potential clients. Few visitors will give the website a second thought because they are looking at a big cold mountain instead of reading what the company can give them.

Some of the graphics are not rendered correctly and have a bitmapped effect on the edges. The images in the tourism section can be better optimized. The images are overlapping each other to what I suspect give a Polaroid photo album look. This can be better achieved with square photos and white frames. One of the photos is also overlapping one of the menu links. Some of the tourism section photos are not displaying. Some of the tourism sections are missing the correct page titles and some images aren’t loading.


Flash really subtracts from search engine positioning and there is a lack of keyword rich body text. The title tag may be to long. The rest of the meta-tags are correct but may need some revision.


My original impression of the site wasn’t very good but I liked the overall website once I got used to the thought that it wasn’t a charity organization. Argentinen Erleben can generate a lot of potential leads once their website and marketing is focused on their visitors’ wants and needs. A complete Flash website may penalize them and they should reconsider using a dynamic website with flash elements.