Pushpins – illustration with gradient and blend

Done for Illustration class, where we were to take a household object and draw it in Illustrator, taking care to use gradients and blends to achieve the final look.

“Illustrate an everyday household object for your next assignment.” my instructor had written in the assignment book. In our discussions, I had noticed that most people were centering on household items found in the kitchen, and I knew that wasn’t for me. I try to spend as little time as possible in that room of my house, as things tend to burn for no good reason on me there. For the week leading up to this assignment, I would stop randomly and look at things that I took for granted everyday, wondering if they would be worthwhile objects to illustrate.

Finally, pulling down some old notes from the corkboard beside the computer, I set some pushpins down on the table. Eureka! my mind jumped up and down. Grabbing my camera, I got a really good closeup to use as a reference, though I neglected to notice that I should have put a blank sheet of paper down under them so I could get the shadow correct as they sat on the table.

Working on it for two days, as the Gradient Mesh tool in Adobe Illustrator was a brand-new concept to me, along with Blends, I was finally happy with the finished project. I had almost changed the plastic tops to an opaque versus the transparent, because the tools were so hard to get “just right”. In the end, though, I loved my project. The only points that I had deducted from my final grade were for the fact that the shadow, grounding them, was missing. My instructor understood that because of the picture that I had taken of them why I missed this, but I still received an excellent grade for this piece, and it has become one of my most popular illustration pieces in my portfolio.

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