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Identity: Mode ID – The Fashion Idea

Mon, Apr 3, 2006

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A successful Corporate Identity is one that leaves a strong impression in its audiences and stands out from its competitors. Just like buying a new accessorie or a bag, it must make you look good and feel good as well as stand out from the crowd. Mode ID’s identity follows this rule seriously.

Whenever I make a shopping trip for clothes or fashion items, I will definitely look out for its appearance and style. Ensuring that they match my taste and make me look good, feel good and stand out from the rest. The same rule, applies to Mode ID’s identity as well.

The client, a very feminine lady came up to me one day and ask if I could do up a whole range of design for her. She needed a logo, website and product tags that she can tie it to her products. So the first thing I questioned her was the company name and what’s the idea like. She introduced her company as “Mode ID” (pronounced as I’dey) and it’s “The Fashion Idea” in French.

The business aims to provide fashion ideas for woman by selling unique fashion accessories and apparels. As a female fashion apparels store, the client wants to ensure her logo stands out from the rest catching everyone’s attention. One of her requirements was that the logo must be vibrant, sexy and feminine. As a guy, to understand how a female client want takes a lot of research and talking to various target audiences on how they define a good fashion brand and what kind of designs they like etc.

I received comments like hot pink defines a woman and a tattoo defines a sexy woman. Some says woman like images of butterflies and angel’s wings. All this bits and pieces provided me with the inspiration for Mode ID’s logo.

With this information, sketches were done with working on the concept of butterflies, crown, tattoo, researching on some tattoo directory and finally came up with something which seems to fit the client exactly. Mockups were done for the client to see if it’s the kind of thing she is looking for. To my surprise, I hit the jackpot right away. She was hitch to the idea and the design of the logo. Excitingly after the first round of discussion, I began to work on the proper design of the logo in Adobe Illustrator, adding the colors and doing the vector illustration tracing.

After refining the mockups in the computer, the final result appeared as a hot pink symmetrical logo that looks like a symbol of angelic love. The whole process was just too lucky; a hit on the jackpot and all this thanks to the right research and sound judgment.

With the logo done nicely, Mode ID is able to successfully communicate the intention and personality of the business to her audiences. Through the use of effective color and symbol, Mode ID leaves a nice feminine impression in all her customers and thus providing excellent fashion ideas for all women.




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