Oso Health Care Website Review


osohomecare.com is the website of Oso, and a company that provides high quality health care services. The mission statement stands out clearly in the home page. Together with an image of the front view of the building, find the home page is effective in telling the reader what the website is about.


Osohomecare.com uses frames and tables. Web design has evolved alot over the years and I would categorized this site under the first generation. In fact, using frames is strongly discouraged in web design. Most professional websites adopt a frameless clean design with CSS layout.

I could not justify the use of flash in the menu. Firstly, it is bad for Search Engine Optimization. Secondly, it does not fit into the look and feel of the website. Flash can be evil when used inappropriately. The one level navigation system is effective though but the design and mouse over effect can definitely be improved. The repeated background pattern does not look cool. I would advise the author to take it out. Making a website clean will enable its content to stand out.

Also, an important area that the author might consider re-doing immediately is the quality of the logo. The logo of a company is too important to ignore.


Though the design of the website is simple, I would expect to have more information about their services, ie more content. Under nursing for example, it would be great if the author could break down the service into several paragraphs with more pictures. The images could be optimized better. Removing the edges of the image always make the image look more professional.

There is no footer in the entire website. It is good to put quick links in the footer to several important pages of the website.


In conclusion, the home page content is effective but the overall content and design of Osohomecare.com can be improved. The author might consider redesigning the entire website without frames and flash. Webaward.org has a good list of health care websites and is worth looking for ideas.