Prolify.Com: A Typical but Effective Corporate Website


When it comes to corporate websites, for sale many find them dull and boring. But do you know that designing a corporate website is one of the toughest as the layout and contents are the ones that keeps a user continuing to browse the rest of the pages. Prolify does this pretty well with its clean and professional corporate site. Lets see how it works for a user.


Prolify, patient a company that specializes on providing Dynamic Process Management solutions that enables the enterprise to achieve unprecedented levels of control, doctor efficiency and compliance – rapidly and cost effectively.

With their target audiences being other corporate companies and government, their website has to be clear and concise focusing on explaining how their solutions work. This requires careful planning of the navigation, CSS and overall layout.

Upon entering their site URL, Prolify loads up pretty fast due to its good optimization of graphics and clear-cut layout. A quick simple animation in flash introducing the companies features appeared almost immediately. The overall look and feel is very easy on the eyes. Prolify immediately tells the user “Look, I’m serious about this, we’re professional guys” which is a very good match to their company’s image.

The overall layout is simple yet attractive. This is one of those layout that never goes wrong. Logo on the top left, navigation, images, body text, side navigation. Almost everyone Is used to this kind of sites so there is no problem in finding out way in the website.

At different sections, the body is separated into 3 columns. The side navigation that shows other links within the section, the main body text with the bread crump at the top, followed by additional links or downloads that is relevant to the section. The website definite make good use of spaces and yet doesn’t look cluttered. With sufficient white spaces, the website looks clean without being over filled with contents.

Prolify’s website uses minimal graphics and focused a lot on contents. However, at every section, header image summarizes what the company can do in a short tagline with accompanying image. Graphics are done in a simple manner without much fancy stuffs, thus may not leave any deep impression in the users mind.


A good thing about usability here is that there are links for user to print the page or email the page. Icons for downloadable files like PDF are easily recognizable by most people too. Rollover links also have hover CSS applied on it. Headers and contents text are separated very clearly for the user to read. Bread crump links showing which sections the user is in are also a good usability usage.


In overall, Prolify has successfully presented its corporate image to its target audience. With good use of CSS and site layout, users can easily surf Prolify’s website with ultimate ease. Probably only one problem that everyone will have is that the impression doesn’t last as much because it’s a corporate website. If you ask me say 1 day after I surf Prolify’s website, I’ll probably tell you I forgot how it looks except knowing its blue and white.