Experience a pleasant Cruise


ITrue Cruise caters to provide information about ship cruise and ship details. The website further provides industry news, advice cruise tips, packing lists and general information about things to keep in mind while preparing for a cruise. Target audience of the site are people browsing to find information on cruise.


My first impression of truecruise.com was pleasant and the website says something about ships and cruise. Home Page looks professional and in terms of design, the site has a pleasant blend of blue.

Layout of the Home Page is rather long and in some cases visitors may get distracted with many advertisements and lose focus as to what the website is about. Usually people say, “you only have few seconds to impress your visitors before they go to other sites”. Keeping the above philosophy in mind, the website will aid its visitors better if advertisements were reduced or placed in certain sections rather then letting it scatter.


The website is balanced in terms of functionalities. Poll result, random cruise tip and click on the picture for answer section makes the website interactive. Search feature on the site is dependent on other website and leads to different website all together.

Navigating the site is fairly straight forward. Links for main content are visible from all pages. Main links for “contact” and “news” could be added.


– shorten the length of Home Page
– currently there are Google Adsense on the left, right and bottom of the page. This would be better at a single location.
– banner advertisements could be reduced.
– contact button can be added as a main link instead of having contact on the about us page.
– information on “about us” page should be expanded.
– featured news on the Home Page can be reduced. Better to keep two of the latest on the Home Page and have additional links as news for all other news.

Overall the website is rich in content and with few changes the website will service its target audience with better a cruise. The philosophy is “keep it simple”.