Verbal Assurance is never enough as a Web Design Firm


Shackelford Web Design is a web design firm based in New York & New Jersey. The things that spice up my curiousity is that they have totally no visual marketing features in their website. Things like the usual portfolio of works, client listing are all missing. However, we can see a lot of written assurance in the whole website promising this and that. Is that really effective? We shall take a look.

Function and Function

Have you came across a Web Design firm that does not promote their quality of works and have totally no samples of their previously successful clients? I bet you haven’t seen one or maybe, not that often.

Shackelford Web Design’s company website had their focuses on writing how well they can provide their service to the clients. With a clean and direct layout, they attempt to convince potential clients to trust in their capabilities without showing any previous samples openly on their website. Perhaps this is one way of protecting their previous clients or it has been restricted to do so by their clients.

The Good:
On first entrance to the website, I was presented with a fast loading clean site, and easy to read content. Indeed, the site design has a perfect layout and usage of CSS and colors. Its professional and it presents everything so clear that you feel so comfortable to navigate on their site.

Relevant information like services is being linked from within the body text. The links design and naming conventions are perfectly clear. Each section is separated by a small thin line of color code, e.g. Services are in green, Pricing is in Yellow. Subtle enhancements like this are pleasing to the users eyes. Also, a simple header graphic was used to differentiate each section.

On rollover of each links, you notice a slight hover effect of increasing the text size. This is one of the ways to show the site being responsive to the user’s mouse interaction, and also a good usage of CSS.

There is also a clear footer links that adds to site usability In all the section, I can noticed one obvious tactic they used is to be as DIRECT as possible. Most of their contents are in short, simple paragraphs that talks straight to the point. This is a good example of copy writing for the web.

Can Be Better:
Under the category of “Successful Design”, Shackelford should have added some successful samples done by them. It should not have just text on how successful their works can be. Quality assurance should include visual assurance too.

At the very top of the website, there is no need for the words “New Jersey Web Design and New York Web Design”. It seems unneccessary but it could be there for seo purposes. The logo on the top left, should also be linked to the home page as most users tend to click on the logo to return back to the index.


Overall, as a consumer, I will not be attracted to the verbal assurance given by Shackelford. Although the website is done pretty well, it does not have any marketing value to their services. Maybe the website is quite new and I believe only as time goes by, they will show more samples of what they can do.