Website That Needs Full Re-Design


Bluebird Manufacturing is a company that manufactures a wide variety of equipment. I must admit that their website is confusing and would definitely recommend a full re-design.

Form and Function

I was asked by the Sitecritic Team to review the website and had a hard time trying to figure out what the website is about. To be honest, the visuals of the site actually puts me off initially. The company did mentioned what they are doing but I felt that they need to explain a bit more. The word ‘biltong’ is uncommon. A search on google tells me that biltong are strips of dried meat. “Ah, Finally, I knew what they are doing… they sell machines that cuts meat.”

I do not wish to go into the details of the design and coding aspects of the website because too much work is needed. The source code tells me that the website is a direct upload from microsoft word or something similar. The are errors in the layout the site; The site does not look good both in Firefox and Internet Explorer. The screen capture above shows that the layer with the header “Quality Uniqueness Service Price” is overlaping the other text.

There is no design consistency in all the pages and everything is flying all over the place. The clip arts and large animated South African flag needs to go because they look really bad on a corporate website.


Bluebird Manufacturing needs to be more focus of what message they want to convey to their potential online customers. More content is needed. I strongly recommend them to seek professional help. Even if they decide to “DIY” their website, they should use a web template instead. There are many web templates around available for free or for a cheap price.