Portfolio Of A Talented Designer Created With WordPress


WordPress is the most popular blogging software today. The homepage of wordpress.com itself has a high Google ranking of 9 and an Alexa ranking of 222 as at the time of writing. I must admit that WordPress is fantastic for blogging, but if we try to use it as a portfolio to showcase our work, we may encounter some problems.


nikoladjurovic.com is the website of a talented young designer, Nikola Djurovic. He chose wordpress as a template to showcase some of the work that he had done for his client. While the contents are interesting and the colors are soothing, I feel that he failed his chance to impress his audience because of wordpress.

From his introduction, I think that he wants to impress people with the projects that he had done and possibly, able to attract some high profile clients. The lay out of his wordpress template does not allow alot of room for creativity. Most wordpress will have links with main sections like ‘Pages’, ‘Categories’, ‘Archives’..etc. Personally, I don’t like the term ‘Pages’ because it is does not provide any information on the sub headers. Maybe the subheaders such as ‘Identity’, ‘Print’, ‘Video’ and ‘Web’ should be made the headers so that they are more obvious. Unless the author wants to go through the complicated process of redesigning the template and re-arranging the sections, it is hard to customise the look and feel of wordpress.


The page header looks empty to me and I almost missed the 2 important hyperlinks on top. Perhaps the author might want to add some images or words to let people know what this website is about when they first enter the site. Unless nikola tells Mr. A of the website, it might not be easy for Mr. A to know what is happening by merely looking at the index page. Fig C shows that the title also does not provide enough information on the page. The author might want to work harder on the title because titles are very important in Search Engine Optimisation.

A blogging website can only be effective if the content is interesting. A portfolio website is the exact opposite, you need graphics and detail description of projects that you have done. To me, nikoladjurovic.com should be a portfolio instead of a blogging website. What do you want to achieve at the end of the day? Do you want people to keep returning to your site for new content? If so, then you need to update your blog everyday with interesting topics. If you want to impress your potential client with your design skills, then you need to play around with more design elements in the site.

Fig D is a snapshot of a website done by the author. If I am a client, I would want to know how he goes about designing it, his objectives and design philosophy for that project…etc. Upon clicking the image, It might be a better idea to open a new page with the details of the project instead of just enlarging the image in the new page.


In conclusion, I feel that the author has more to show but is limited by the way wordpress is being templated. WordPress is great, easy to install and update but there is a great price to pay if you want to use it to showcase your web skills. Basically your can’t unless you want to do the dirty work of digging into the code. The author has shown the world that he is a definitely a creative talent. With his graphic and web design skills, I feel that he should create a website of his own using his own design approach and detailing all the work that he has done.