A Web Library Worth Visiting


When entering the Web Design Library (the Designer’s One-Stop Resource) you will find yourself entering a slick and highly organised website that is worthy of bookmarking. If you like visiting SiteCritic.net, then you will also like visiting this website as it contains a wealth of informative information and tutorials that are helpful to the online design community.


The colour scheme using a turquoise gradient is very easy on the eyes and encourages a feeling of calm while complimentary highlighted text attracts the eye. Tutorials and articles benefit from beautiful and well-sized graphics that demonstrate the content well. Small details, such as the blue borders in the left menu items and the thoughtful use of icons improve the look of the site, as does having a simple, well-spaced logo. The overall effect is very pleasant, attractive and highly recommended as part of a successful website experience.

The three-column layout, while a common one, is usually hard to make attractive as the volume of information and advertising normally bombards the viewer, while the layout does not lend itself to unique appearances. However, I feel that the Web Design Library has successfully used a rare colour theme to make the layout more attractive. The organisation of the information improves readability dramatically compared to other three-column websites I have seen. Advertising is kept to a minimum and favours websites connected to the Web Design Library in appearance and subject. Such pleasing advertising displayed in subtle ways is an open invitation for the audience and should do well in attracting repeat viewers.


Menus are well laid out and a lot of information is compacted so it is easy to read. On the left menu bar is categories for tutorials and articles, and the right menu bar contains interesting site stats, site of the day etc. Clicking on the Editor’s Pick in the centre panel takes you to informative tutorials and articles that are worth a peek. The right menu changes the order of the content depending on which page you visit, which is a handy idea. However, the “back” button doesn’t work in the tutorials/articles and you will need to scroll to the top to choose where to go after reading the page.

A triumph in CSS implementation, the Web Design Library’s website pages are quick to load, while the theme continues throughout the site. As mentioned above, my first impulse after reading a tutorial was to click the “back” button which didn’t work, so I had to scroll up the top to get back to the previous page. This is my only gripe with the website, as all other elements seem to function well.


If anything, the Web Design Library inspires envy in web design and is proving to be a highly successful website. The domain name www.webdesign.org is well suited and worth a visit. Check it out!