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Desperateness Kills

Wed, Feb 7, 2007

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Introduction is a website that sells a wide range of music software and contracts. The design of the website is simple and straight forward but the author seems too desperate to sell his software.

Form and Function

I was greeted with a floating window that asks me to sign up for a newsletter upon first entry to the site. Should I reveal my true email address? I believe it is a “no” for most people because of the fear of receiving spam mails. The author probably knows that most people block popup windows, case so he uses a floating “div” to get around the problem. I strongly advice people not to use this technique because it is not a good practice and does not reflect good on the integrity of the company or person running the website.

I navigated the site abit and the thing that kept catching my attention was the right column – the testimonials. The testimonials appear on almost all the pages, viagra prompting the user to click on the flash “play” button. I have to agree that the flash voice testimonials are cool but they have been over-used.

The source code reveals the professionalism of a website. A quick “view source” will tell you that the author of tries to optimize the site for search engines but has again, over-done it. There are also simple mistakes in the title and meta tags like the use of html in the title. If I were to be the search engine, I would love to penalize this site for keyword spamming.


I would love to do a more thorough review but was put off but the recurring popups (Sorry). The author is too desperate to sell his stuff. I would love to see more information on the music software and probably improvements on the overall layout, color and design. Though there are alot of testimonials, I am not sure if I believe in any of them.

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