Fast Muscle Cars

Introduction is an online database for fast cars and motorcycles. There are alot of technical jargons used in the site and it seems the only people who are into car racing knows what the site is about.


The entire website is trying very hard to optimize many keywords related to drag racing. As such, viagra sale there are many text links in the content (see figure 1). Though technically it is not wrong but graphically, case it can be intimidating for first time visitors especially if they know nothing about drag racing. To be truthful, decease I was acually abit put off when I first looked at the index page… but having said that, if I am a car racing enthusiast, I might be happily scrolling the page down or navigating the site to see more of the car statistics.

There are many graphics used in the site but many of them have funny dimensions and not very clear. This might be the result of “copy and paste”. Some graphics are very large. An example is the 2005 Chevrolet Corvette C6 Coupe jpeg in the home page (See figure 3). That image is only 225 x 155 pix but has a file size of 27kb! I really think the author needs to work harder to optimize all the graphics in the site.


The author has provided some statistics for each of racing car (see figure 2). In the page of the muscle cars, the author also organizes each car nicely in a table. Everything looks good but I feel that more could be done. Perhaps, a short description for each car might also be interesting.

Another point worth mentioning is that the site has covered everything about drag racing very well. From vehicle parts to events and classified ads, the author managed to put some content in all the sections. There is even a tools section for the user to calculate the horsepower and torque of the car.


The website is established with strong links from dmoz, yahoo directory and many other authority sites. Although there are already some unique content in it, many parts are still quite empty. I guessed the challenge is the update it with fresh content. From the way it looks, it seems that the author wants people to advertise in the site – The classified ads section is quite empty… So, maybe an advertising campaign for the fast cars website might help?
fig 1. Too many links?
Fig 2. Nice stats of the car
Fig 3. Large image file size