Plant Lighting Hydroponics & Grow Lights


The website has a domain that reflects what it is selling – grow lights, generic hydroponic systems and plant nutrients. It is not immediately apparent whether the website is selling for dope dealers or for scientists dwelling in underground bunkers as the online store has lists of items but no associated media such as customer galleries or press releases. There are no product reviews yet. However, cialis sale it was pretty easy to navigate my way around the site and there certainly appears to be a lot of equipment to choose from.


The design of the PlantLighting Hydroponics & Grow Lights website seems to be purely functional, salve with minimal attention given to the colour scheme, logo, headers etc. The site almost looks like a typical template which has been modified slightly. However, an online shop hardly requires fantastic graphics, so this website would work well for people who want to shop with no fuss and frills.

It’s very easy to navigate as in the three column layout, the menu of items is on the left, bestsellers, specials and reviews are on the right and the middle is filled with new products and a brief summary of what’s on offer. When you click on a product out of the left menu, all items in that category are pictured and when you click on one of those you get a price and can click further for more detailed information. There is rather a lot of clicking to be done, but I feel that buyers don’t mind clicking a bit as long as it is clear where they are clicking to (which is obvious in this case). The only two issues I can see with the site is that:

(1) the navigation on the top left stating “Home >> Catalogue” appears with the same screen whether you click “Home” or “Catalogue”

(2) the design is not all that memorable, and would need a more unique logo or branding to really stand out from the competition

The domain name caused some concern as even though it clearly states whats for sale, it’s too long to remember easily.


The site loads up fast enough and is easy enough to navigate. The Quick Find search tool is always handy in an online shop, but when I typed in “grow bulbs” nothing appeared, so it might need to be updated. Links to sign up for new accounts or check shopping carts are easy to find (you wouldn’t believe how many online stores hide these details). I was especially thrilled to see the contact information displayed clearly down the bottom of the page. When I saw that, I thought “here is a business I can trust”…if I was ever in the market for hydroponics.


Overall, the website works well for its intended purpose. I’m sure a lot of happy customers will thank them for the no-nonsense shopping interface. Some tinkering with the template elements such as the Quick Find and navigation might help a bit. However, if the website is to stand out more than the competition, a stronger identity (ie, logo or associated images) is required as it needs to be more memorable. May I suggest a photo of a giant tomato plant on the home page (with gargantuan tomato on it)? Even better, a celebrity chopping away at the giant tomato plant – could help the store display it for both sides of the fence!
Branding might need some work
Main item list on the left