Digital Art to Go!


With a tagline of “digital art to go”, Zymmetrical is a website where digital art can be bought and sold. Photos, graphics, microstock, fonts and videos can be sold for 50% commission (not a bad commission for microstock or amateur contributers looking to sell their personal stuff).


It takes awhile to load, but the Zymmetrical website is interestingly simple and quite modern looking. The colours used are classical greys and blacks with a hint of colour and the fonts vary within a modicrum of small. On the home page, additional touches such as the multicoloured arrows under “buy art” and the different font sizes which wobble under mouseover under “popular tags” add a bit of uniqueness to the website, as does the small person silhouette in reference to the artists.


With simple menus and easy-to-find sections, navigation on Zymmetrical is quite easy to the user and a good example of what can be achieved with quite a few links placed in the correct areas. I noticed that some tabs on the header has different mouseover and mouseclick as compared to how the rest of the site functions. This may confuse the viewer and I would recommend staying with the same format of mouseover or mouseclick for navigational purposes. Perhaps the designer is still updating the site?

Loading time is a little slow on my machine, not sure if it is due to the complex code or galleries of images. However, this is normal for websites of art and photography, so it is not a huge concern. Clicking on an item brings up pricing, dimensions and file size so this works well; clicking on an artist brings up a search box which could be a bit confusing to someone who wanted to view an artist’s profile. The mouseovers in the galleries (for example the zooming on photos) doesn’t work fast – you need to be on the page for awhile for it to load correctly and this could be an issue for people who click through looking for a stock image photo they want to use in a hurry.

There seems to be a fair few images on the site, but the artist profiles are sadly lacking in photos and there is generally not much information in their profiles. I hope the database will grow as time passes – giving good incentives to artist to sell stock images through their site might work? May I also suggest making the profile submission compulsory when signing up? PageRank is good and there seems to be good stock photos and art available for graphic design in the microstock site. Considering the website is listed as Copyright 2007, I’d say overall it is off to a good start.


A cute and simple site to visit, just needs a few tweaks to get it really user-friendly. The design and concept is excellent and is a good resource for graphic design. I feel that is a candidate for Awards if it has abit more content. I am always excited by websites which offer genuine opportunities to the web audience. You may support them by visiting their buy stock images page. Finally, I look forward to seeing how this microstock website develops over time.
Multicoloured arrows add interest
Mouseover images helps viewing
Detail for purchasing product