Malaysian Charities in the Pink


HATI is a small charitable web portal, shop run by volunteers, hospital providing directory listings for charities, help community projects, etc. in Malaysia. The site contains information relating to Malaysia, and, as such, is probably not of great interest to those outside, with the exception, perhaps, of international corporate sponsors.

Form and Function

The organisation’s pink logo is certainly striking enough with easy pinkish navigation at the top of every page. Personally, I think this colour tends to clash with the orange menu links at the side, although these become the same lucid hue on rollover.

The first questions which occurred to me were, ‘What does HATI stand for? Is it an acronym, or a Malaysian word, perhaps?’ I’m afraid I still don’t know the answer, since the information appears to be nowhere on the site.

The site is quick to load – with the notable exception of the photographs in the ‘Gallery’ section, which are excruciatingly slow. Similarly, navigation is fairly straightforward, although the designer has neglected to include a ‘Home’ button on the navigation bar, which sometimes means backtracking through numerous pages. The homepage has a link, amongst others, to ‘Least Viewed’ – I think I can understand what the designer was trying to do, in the sense that ‘Least Viewed’ might mean ‘Most Deserving’ – but it effectively comes across as ‘Most Unpopular’. In addition, the ‘View Our Sponsors’ link just links straight back to the homepage itself.

In terms of design, the homepage is dominated by the vivid navigation bar, and a photograph, which, although appropriate enough in subject matter, is low resolution and poor quality. There are also wide expanses of redundant white space, some of which it appears that the designer has filled with a (currently empty) news and events area, and a (seemingly redundant) calendar. The text on the homepage is poorly formatted, and a contact email address appears twice, but is not a hotlink in either case. The design looks OK for a portal site but I guess more information should be provided to fill up the empty spaces.

The inner pages are fairly simple – HTML textual information interspersed with links – although links for websites and email addresses are missing in some of the content sections. Many pages have long text and abit boring at times. Some of the English is conspicuously written by a non-native speaker (understandably), and there are some errors in vocabulary, spelling and capitalisation. The footer also contains unnecessary long description.


Overall, HATI has the look and feel of exactly what it is – a small charitable site, run by volunteers – and while it would be unfair to be overly critical of such a noble venture, the fact that the HATI Forum has only ever received two postings, both over six months old, speaks volumes for what visitors think. Perhaps abit more marketing can bring in more traffic to the site.
An empty about us page