Toxin Free Body Care: Needs a non-toxic design


I was a bit apprehensive about reviewing this website as it looked like 1000 other websites out there selling beauty products. Toxin Free Body Care (as the name states) has gentle, stuff kind and toxin free hair and body care products that are free from animal testing and are environmentally friendly.

Form and Function

When I alighted on the Toxin Free Body Care website homepage, I was abit disappointed to see yet another health care website that doesn’t want to stand out on the web. Unoriginal design, sales-geared template (with Testimonials) and low to medium resolution images made me immediately think “SPAM website – AVOID”. The cloud theme in the banner has been totally commonised on the internet and hardly bears relevance to the product being sold, except in the sense of environmental friendliness. A more appropriate banner would show some of the ingredients in their natural state or people with glowing hair or bodies. Colours are orange and blue, not a bad combination except in this case they only make the website look bland and boring. Orange mixed with another striking colour would work better.

It was quite worrying to see that the main image on the left from which the colour scheme was derived led to another website similar in appearance. Even more worrying is the fact that this link to ProThin didn’t even have a referral in the URL, hence it would take customers away from the Toxin Free Body Care website without providing compensation. However, after researching a bit further, I found that the website owners are promoting products from Neways generally so maybe they had their reasons.

This website has something good going for it and that is the navigation – a no-nonsense, straightforward menu up the top that you couldn’t get lost with. When I clicked on some of the links, it was suprising how much information was contained within the site as well as an online shop and I felt that the main page didn’t really convey the amount of information that could be accessed within the site. Instead of just links at the top, maybe a featured image directing customers to the online shop or advertising the free mystery gift might be more attractive?

I was very pleased to see that on the About Us page was a realistic-looking photo and down-to-earth description of who the owners were and what they were up to. This showed me that the owners looked like real people and was a step in the right direction.

The site functionality was fine – loading times were adequate, the navigational links generally worked (with the exception of the About Us accessed through the main store page) and the content generally was standard with html coding on main site pages and php coding for the store. A few sections such as the Chemical Guide and Health Guide were undergoing maintenance. The Site Map was handy, although navigation was so simple it wasn’t really needed.


Toxin Free Body Care is not a website that stands out and would need a better design to attract customers. A logo for TFBC might also help to establish a unique online identity. However, the product itself seems to be very useful and it is possible the customers might come anyway – especially with the free special mystery gift.
fig 1. Low resolution product images
fig 2. The online store hiding behind the main page
fig 3. The happy owners