A Simple and Well Coded Finance website


RepayMortgage.co.uk is a website about Sell and Rent Back Property. They promote debt solutions, view offering no obligation appraisals to best meet client needs using refinancing and reselling as their main focal tools.


RepayMortgage is a very simple looking site and there is only one major graphic of green hills at the top. While green hills and green colouring can be soothing to potential desperate clients in need of help, the hills remind one of the default Windows XP background, commonly found on computers around the world. Without a strong company logo to identify RepayMortgage as a completely separate business, the colours of blue and green make this website look like hundreds of other websites out there and may not look memorable. Having a logo in what looks like a webfont (instead of in another, more elaborate font) gives one the impression that the company is not serious about its website.

The tagline “Clear your mortgage debt and keep your home, or sell and move on free from debts” gives away the game too quickly and could be shortened for impact and to keep the mystery so the reader has to read on. Maybe “Clear your mortgage debt” is good enough? Also the tagline is in a webfont too, so maybe by coming up with a more original top banner, incorporating a unique logo and the shortenened tagline with a new font could help this website a lot.

The nice grey background while plain, appropriately draws attention to the text in the middle two-column affair, but the blue background headers contain the text too close to the edge for professionalism. A way to fix this is to indent the header text (an inserted fancy bullet symbol can make it look more in line with the paragraphs). Heading text could also be made the same size as paragraph text (although bolded) to make it fit seamlessly into the page and make the font choices look businesslike.

On the main page are three bolded questions to the potential client at the top and I feel these could be made more exciting, such as using a bright colour or larger text to grab the eye. Making these questions into a graphic (eg a comic thought balloon eminating from someone) would further enhance the message.

It is pleasing to see textlinks down the bottom of the page with a sitemap so readers couldn’t get lost. Some sites put the sitemap in a prominent place but this technique isn’t needed as the navigation is simple. The XHTML 1.0 Script link on the bottom of most pages should be removed, as most visitors are not really interested or understand much about it and also because when you click on it it says “Not Validated”.


The left menu is consistent on all pages and is very easy to follow. The main navigation is on top while the extra information links are below. I didn’t have any problems with navigating this website. My only comment is that the “Find properties to rent” link didn’t open in a new window, hence unsavvy visitors might not be able to find the RepayMortgage website again.

The site content is useful and well written and this is especially evident on the “Information to help stop repossession” page where pre-empted enquiries and a simple list of answers can help the Repay Mortgage website to minimise customer queries, thus saving time and money. The page with “A quick property sale” is also a good example of the well-written content, demonstrating the webmaster’s (or webwriter’s) ability in making what could be difficult and legal-speak English comprehensible to clients.

I found the “Contact” page had handy telephone numbers and an email for contact as well as the standard contact form. I wasn’t sure about the idea of phone numbers containing capital Os instead of 0s though…

The source code is extremely clean and easy to read. It does not have any complex javascript or anything that blocks search engine spiders from crawling the site. No doubt, the author built the site with great emphasis in search engine optimisation. Check out the source code and see it for yourself.


The Repay Mortgage website has all the right ingredients for a good business website, but needs to work on a corporate identity and fine tune some small website design errors. The coding and content is great. I believe that the well-written content will be helpful to potential customers and makes the company sound friendly, professional and helpful.

fig 1. Plain webfont logo & tagline, with common green hills banner

fig 2. Blue headers need indented text

fig 3. Capital O

fig 4. Questions need to stand out more

fig 5. Remove the XHTML 1.0 Script text link