Water Spouts – Are You Ready?

So I was on my way to begin shooting for my 2008 Dogs of Key West Calendar and off to my right I spotted two water spouts. Like any good photographer (and terrible driver) I pulled my car over to the side of the road jumped out with my Nikon D70, through a 70-200mm VR lense on and started snapping away.

The moral of this story is not to chase storms or throw your car on the side of the road every time you get the urge that something “might” happen. The moral of this story to be ready! Always be prepared and USE your equipment. We all spend tons of cash on our cameras, lenses, tripods etc… and so its only natural that we also spend the big bucks or complex bags and gear covers.

The thing is if I had to pull my car on the side of the road and go to the back of the car to unpack my camera bag and walk over to the bridge the water spout would have been gone and I would have missed my shot. When I drive, my camera is always on the seat next to me. When I’m out on a shoot, my camera is armed and ready in my hand ready to shoot. That’s what I mean by being prepared.

I once over herd a conversation between a student and Pro Nikon photographer. The student asked the photographer approximately how long it took him (the pro photographer) to take a picture.

The Nikon Pro replied “I’m not sure I understand your question.”

The Student said “from the moment you see something, how does it take you to pull out your camera and start shooting?”

The Pro replied: “Son, if you saw it you missed it.”

These are words every professional or wanna be professional photographer should live by.

About The Author

My name is Colby Gwyn-Williams; I am a professional photographer specializing in Pet and Action photography. Photography is not only my passion, it defines my life. I have been an animal enthusiast since my early years on our family farm and photographing since I was strong enough to hold my Mother’s old Nikon F2S Photomic camera. The earth and the creatures that inhabit it have become the visual playmates of my own personal “rabbit hole,” and, like Alice in Wonderland, I would like to invite you on an adventure by going through my site and seeing the world as I see it through the “looking glass” of my lens.