Professional Handyman Site


LA Fix It Appliance Repair Services specialises in the service and repair of all major home and commercial appliances and is based in Los Angeles. Offering same day service and 24/7 coverage, buy cialis LA Fix It appears to be a highly professional and popular service.


The home page of is quite professional, making use of the large blue and orange logo in the top left corner to increase brand memorability and I feel this works well as the logo is both simple and memorable. The top banner is made up of suitable photos of professional handymen and women feature as customer service staff and clients. The photos are nicely done but one can’t help wondering if there are any handywomen in the organisation too.

Other elements on the page include the orange phone number under the left feature list (it’s always good to have a nice big phone number on your website when you want people to call you), navigational “buttons” at the top of the page, the usual credit cards and navigational links down the bottom of the page, other brand logos of equipment used etc. The text is centre aligned and this makes it harder to read and it would be recommended to make the text left aligned with cell padding to ensure it doesn’t “hit” the borders of the table.

Since many websites use white backgrounds and LA Fix It are lucky that their design works so well with it, I would still be interested if a different coloured background (outside of the table) could make any difference to the overall appearance. Dark grey, the logo blue or orange, or even a gradiated black could improve the look of it.

Overall the design did strike me as that of a professional company looking to invite customer enquiry and only a few pointers above need to be taken into consideration to make it perfect.

Layout is a centre aligned table with two columns and this is the most appropriate layout for the situation.


There are a few navigational elements on the pages –a top menu, top image “buttons” and navigational text links at the bottom of the page. On a complicated site this would be too much, but in this case the navigation fits in with the design and is simple and understandable. All of the links work but some text might need to be fixed up as a serif font is used on the Maintenance Programs page as opposed to the sans serif (CSS) font on the Service Areas page.

It is good to see that the Contact Us page had direct links to the company and didn’t involve filling out a form. This can be a bit of a turn off for customers initially contacting the company, but is acceptable as a form of scheduling bookings or for non-urgent queries.

Coding employs CSS, javascript and the usual html elements. Loading time is very fast, due to efficient use of coding and the reasonable size of the files and pages.


LA Fix It have done a pretty good job with their website which is customer friendly and internet friendly. However, the company might need to be aware of possible gender bias regarding the “handyman” and “female customer service officer” images. Their logo is a good example of a simple but effective logo and their website follows this theme. As they have put all of the necessary information on their website, they should get very relevant enquiries and hopefully, a lot of business.
fig 1. Good looking logo
fig 2. Where are the “handywomen”?
fig 3. Centre-aligned text on the home page
fig 4. Left column elements with large contact phone number