Web Design In Seattle


The Visualscope Studios is a Seattle Web Design company that does Website Development, here Web Design and Search Engine Optimization. They provide online marketing and e-commerce solutions as well.


It’s always hard work to create a web design site, pills as people expect it to be more brilliant than most of the websites out there, mind and there’s a lot of technical information to squeeze in which also has to be explained to a general audience in layman’s terms. Visualscope Studios has a professional layout and design using blue and orange colours in a two columns. The use of key points which are linked to further information for “Web Design & Development” and “Online Marketing” etc are a good way of shortening a lot of detail, and the orange and white arrow/circle bullets are cute too. The top banner has a silhouette of a man/boy opening his arms to the sky to portray maximum potential, and while this is an acceptable design, it’s not really “out there” as a concept to grab an audience with so much competition for website services around.

The message of the website is repeated twice – once in the top banner with “Maximize the full potential of your website” and secondly with “Let us help your website reach its true potential” in the left column. If I had to pick which message attracted me the most, I would definitely say the brightly coloured left column one stood out – so getting rid of the top banner message could assist the graphic to work better on its own?

Fonts used are used well – key words are in bold, phone numbers stand out in smaller text and the main blue and orange message got my attention. The headings in grey with small orange and white arrow bullets are nicely subtle, and the repetition of the web services (from the left column bullets) to the right web services list are necessary, as on the left they are images and on the right it is text, allowing those who don’t see images to see something. I liked having the right click disabled – little details like this are attractive to potential web design customers and I also liked the short amount of information on the front page and the box-like design which made it feel contained neatly.

Clicking through the pages revealed a consistent site, the main issues being the repetition of information (such as the list of services which appears too often) and the banner images which weren’t quite exciting enough. I recognised many banner images from popular stock photography websites and I believe a personal touch with the artwork is the best way to be original (or even try manipulating the stock photography images to create something new). I would definitely recommend removing text from the banner images unless it is very visible. The white text on the yellow “about” banner is an example of text that is hard to read, also the font on the banners does not match the rest of the website. Instead of repeating information, maybe a simplistic approach could be tried, or new information inserted. A lot of people seem to like uncluttered websites and find them easier to read.

The background is a grey gradient that gives the box design a “floating” effect. Keep this one – it works well! The copyright text down the bottom in subtle grey with black hover is great too.

The orange navigation menu under the banner is very obvious and easy to follow. The grey hover colour helps too. All pages appeared linked and overall navigation was very good.


The Web Site Services page explains in simple terms to the viewer what the services are (no mean feat for web designers – we’ve all found that a bit hard). Well done on explaining the services in less than seven short paragraphs! If people are not yet convinced, they also provide their Web Design Portfolio online. It was really good to see the professional looking websites they designed before which became better when the links were opened. Another nice touch was having the Visualscope Studios heading at the top of each loaded website – and the links continued to load in the bar too.

If they are doing seo for a company, then perhaps some statistics would be even more convincing. How about putting some search engine ranking figures (before and after) for the “Wailua Bay View Condominiums” project?


Visualscope Studios is a professional looking website that should attract customers. Their portfolio is good and the main components of the website are effective. Personally, I feel that there are a few design issues which mostly involve trying to inject more originality and pizzaz into it – in any other industry this website would be terrific – but for website design, which is highly competitive, more work is needed for this website to stand out from the crowd. Search Engine Optimization is focused strongly in the entire site and if that is their selling point, then perhaps design becomes secondary.

fig 1. Cute “bullets” and nice text

fig 2. This text could use some work

fig 3. The portfolio websites look interesting

fig 4. This banner is a bit daggy