Office Rentals Made Easy


Office Connection offers a professional service to businesses looking to rent serviced offices in UK. They source, find and organise office space with flexible or traditional terms. Navigating the site is a breeze with the Google Map Technology.


The Office Connection website looks a lot like the one, with a map-driven system to find offices available for rent with Google maps. The blue, orange and grey colours, while professional looking, are also a bit ordinary and now that I have met the competition (the London Office Space site) I would recommend putting a bit more oomph into the colouring, such as having an orange background to stand out.

The Office Connection logo is also professional yet humdrum. Maybe a graphic or textual design element is needed to make it stand out more? I like the prominent phone number at the top of the page, exactly where most websites should have them as it eliminates hunting around for viewers. The “Search by City” and “Find Office Space In” boxes also help viewers.

With a two column layout, the home page is definitely easy to follow and should be simple enough for most viewers. The fonts are suitable for web readability but don’t change much when other text sizes are selected in the browser. This might be because the layout would not appear as nice, but I don’t think it would hurt to have the function available, as most textual parts could drop down the page without losing the map.

The star ratings are a good feature that liven up the appearance of the modules and the favicon is a nice touch, if a bit boring.

The Expert Office Advice blog was a nice touch and the design and layout looked quite different. I would recommend using similar colours and logos in the blog to match it to the rest of the site, as I thought I navigated away from Office Connection when I looked at the blog.


Navigation takes place on the top banner area, the left side, the map on the right side and the Privacy Policy etc down the bottom. It’s easy to follow and all pages appear linked properly. Coding is html with CSS and javascript. There weren’t any keywords in the metatags, some might be needed to attract more traffic?

For the sake of interest, if you are living in london, check out the Central London Offices page. It has a comprehensive map with icons showing the whereabouts of the offices. I found this handy to look at rather than the text and would probably use this feature a lot as a potential customer. The Edinburgh Office Space and other areas also had a similar comprehensive map. I think the strong left navigation and frame scrolling (don’t need to scroll the entire page) in the entire site is a plus point.


Office Connection is a nice website that should be helpful to customers. The design is professional but needs to stand out more to beat other websites of a similar nature. With keywords added and possibly a faster loading time, the website should get more targeted traffic and therefore more “sales”. From a marketing point of view, the webmaster must seriously think how they can be different from others (since many people are starting to utilise Google Maps in their sites). Providing extra information like the “Expert Office Advise” and FAQ is one good start. I would rate this site slightly better than due to the extra content provided.

I would also suggest Office Connection to provide more contact details (if any) other than just a phone number because people do not know who they are dealing with.
fig 1. The Expert Office Advice blog
fig 2. The comprehensive Google map of Central London
fig 3. Detailed information on a property