Don’t Bore Users To Death


All Vehicle Registration Services (AVRS) is located in Sacramento, California. They handle all types of vehicle title and registration in California. Their website is simple and functional but is too boring to retain any visitors.

There are many tell tail signs that the web designer is an amateur… we are all beginners from the start. “Why get a designer if I can do it myself”? Yes, you can but there is a price to pay.

I actually think that the author has the right content for a small scale site but is crippled by the lack of design skills. The website is small, so users are going to focus on language details and graphics.


The graphics are not optimised at all – they are big for no reason. You don’t need a graphic for simple text on a coloured background. In fact, separating text and graphics is a good idea. In that way, search engines can read your text and graphics can please your visitors. One good example where this can be implemented is the tag line in the home page:

“Your vehicles should always be on the road. Working as a team AVRS will customize our service to meet your needs.”

There are some sections where graphics should be used. Having the client’s logo under “our clients” is more convincing. Adding people images under testimonial is also a good idea. Mouseover hyperlinks should be consistent. Using italics for hyperlinks can be irritating (see home page).

I am not too sure of the choice of categories in the top main menu. I think ‘links’ does not deserve a place there because there are better candidates. There is also something weird about the top navigation. The menu disappears every time you are in that section. For example, if you are in ‘about us’, the ‘about us’ menu disappears. If the author does not want users to click ‘about us’ under the ‘about us’ section (and I wonder why), I would highlight the ‘about us’ menu and make it non-clickable instead and making it disappear.


I think the content is good. The home page actually tells the visitor what the site is about. The font size is big and the design and colours are simple. I don’t really like the home page but I think it is functional except for the extra ‘title’ in the page title. I am also quite surprised that the extra links in home page body aren’t available elsewhere. There seems to be quite abit of content in FAQs but FAQs aren’t accessible from anywhere except from home page – consider having a sitemap?

For me, the 2 important sections to focus are “our clients” and “testimonials”. Too bad, these 2 sections aren’t that interesting. Overall, I think the look and feel of the website might suit users aged 40 and above.


I can go on and on. There are too many things that can be done to improve the site usability and effectiveness. The first thing I would do is to add more and replace the old boring graphics.
fig 1. Boring ‘Our Clients’ Section
fig 2. Boring ‘Testimonial’ Page