Food At Click Of A Mouse

Introduction is a website that provides online food ordering service. Users order the food online and the shop receives the notification email. The shop needs to pay a monthly fee though.

Form and Function

The homepage looks corporate. The intelligent use of red and white is pleasing to the eye. You know their mission statement, products and and services by just visiting the home page. This is good communication and it is amazing that many professional sites fail to do that.

The only comment I have on the home page is the footer. The links are too small and doesn’t stand out on the grey background. The body text is fine because of the white background but the footer, no (see. fig 1).

Overall, the icons are nicely done. Perhaps what is lacking is some real pictures. It might be a good idea to add more pictures in the home page? I want to see the staffs behind the team.

Not too sure if the word “buzz” is the approrpiate word for news. Yes, there were only 2 news and the last one was created on 6th May 2007. I think it is important to keep the website updated by updating the news. It can be something as simple as “Happy New Year 2009”. This is important because it tells the user that someone is managing the site.

The tour section is nicely done (see fig. 2). Perhaps having a live demo is an even better idea. Oh, they do have a demo site but it is hidden too deep in the pricing page.

Under the article section, users can choose to view the articles online or view it as a pdf. I see this as a cool feature. The only thing I don’t like is the IE icon (see fig.3). 5 years ago, IE was the preferred browser but today, the story is different. I prefer to have a more browser neutral icon. There aren’t alot of articles on the page, so I wonder if subscribing to the rss feed is any good.

Conclusion does leave a good impression on its visitors. It looks professional and should be considered as “above the average by a good margin”. The design is professional but unfortunately, cannot be considered as unique – not a biggy. However, I do like the way the home page communicates. It should therefore be a good candidate for the Content Excellence Award.
fig 1. Grey on grey does not stand out
fig 2. Cool mouseover menu
fig 3. www or pdf. Why IE icon? Don’t like firefox?