What does DRPU stands for?


DRPU is a software company offering a wide range of business solutions. If you ask me who they are and what they are good at, I can tell you right away that I have no idea because their website doesn’t provide the slightest clue.

Internet is evolving and people are getting more intelligent. Even if the business is a one man show and it cannot provide 24/7 support, the author needs to tell the whole who he is… even a picture could be good enough.

Providing just an email in the ‘help desk’ section is not good enough. Yes, the lady looks pretty but she doesn’t give me enough confidence in their support service (see fig 1).


The use of XP style icons is great. Every page is consistent with the lady on the top left hand corner and the logo on the top right hand corner. Perhaps the same lady need not appear on every page? Ah, she came down on the “Help Desk” page (fig 1).

The navigation is straight forward with the standard one level menu on top. Well, they seem to sell a lot of products but I got confused! I still think the home page is too cluttered. Some product news on the home page might be a good idea. The text alignment can definitely be improved (see fig 2).


I would suggest putting the css to an external file. There are repetitions in the css code on every page (see fig 3). There are also many unneccessary inline css, many of which could again be placed in the external css file. The site is pure html and css. I don’t believe any browser will have problems with it.

I like the sitemap and terms and conditions. Surprisingly, many websites do not have that.


I still want to know what DRPU stands for. Too bad, the title and meta tags doesn’t tell much… (this is where I think too much seo kills the brand). The XP style icons kind of stands out but they have yet to convince me of their presence, and hence the trust that I have on their software. I have no idea of their service/support and even if I need the software desperately, I don’t know if I will purchase it. Overall, it is an OK site but the author need to identify themselves more and give more confidence to the buyer. I give it a 5/10 score.

fig 1. Help desk can be improved.

fig 2. Have all text left aligned?

fig 3. It is better to link all css to an external file