Even if it is for good cause, show quality

Gurushree institutions aim to provide technical training to young boys and girls in Bangalore so that they can seek employment in both Private as well as Public Sector/Government organizations. The institution was inaugurated in 2001 with 30 student intake to 300 today. The website looks OK for a small institute. Of course, a lot of improvement could be made.


The layout is standard, ie header at the top, navigation on the left and content on the right. The home page looks boring and static. Besides the poll, there seems to be no buzz at all. I recommend adding some dynamic news or links to various departments. For an educational institute, there can be alot of things to write – Add more pics of students and events. If the author ran out of ideas, have a look at other educational websites out there.

website has layout issues

fig 1. Severe layout issues

There are some layout and spacing issues that can be fixed easily using proper CSS. It looks like the content is added directly using the WYSIWYG editor in the Joomla content management system. Using the built-in editor is cool but to gain better control of the layout, the HTML needs to be re-checked before published.

image is too big

fig 2. Large image size

All images used in the site should be optimised before published. I also think that the quality of the images can be improved. Most of them look quite dark to me. I like to see more smiles. Many pictures are either too serious or boring. Perhaps better photography technique is needed here. I also don’t think that it is a good idea to insert the jQuery image slider on every page. It is OK for the home page but for every page, no. The space occupied by the slider could be better utilised for other textual content or smaller images.

something wrong with footer

fig 3. Something is wrong with the footer

There is something wrong with the footer – It looks too empty. Perhaps putting the address at the footer is a much better choice than putting it in the header. Adding some links to the sitemap or important pages in the site can be a good idea.


seo friendly links

fig 4. SEO friendly links?

The website appears to be slow because of the large images. Most of the hyperlinks appears to be very long and unfriendly. It looks like the CMS is running under Joomla – fixing them can be easy in the admin panel. We can also tidy up the CSS abit. I know this can be hard especially if we are running a ready made CMS.

why w3c link

fig 5. Why show the w3c link?

The website is not W3C compliant. Clicking on the xhtml and css link at the footer leads you to a page full of errors. Personally, I see no benefit of telling people that your website passed the w3c check unless you are in the web business like a web design or seo firm. The fact is, a lot of people don’t really care.

contact us page is too empty

fig 6. Contact Us – too empty?

I always think that the “Contact Us” page is very important. It is looking very empty at the moment. How can internet users contact the school? Have a contact us form?


It looks like the website was designed with a low budget. I thought it was a good attempt. If the author decides to improve on it, I strongly suggest working on the graphics and layout. The next thing on the list is to create more buzz – make the site look more busy. Add more interesting and dynamic content and grab people’s attention. If the author has some free time, start using meta headers and work on optimising the code.