Search Engine Optimisation Company In UK

Upon visiting the website, sale I was greeted with a nice header image and a clear message in front of me – “Search Engine Optimisation, sovaldi Increase your sales, Revenue and ROI” and “Get higher Search Engine Rankings”. Although the homepage was still full of text, I got the message of what the website was conveying. Users would know immediately if they were in the right site or not. I also liked the “Call Us” text at the header. It showed that they were willing to talk to their customers.

fig1. Nice image to break text monotony

Like a typical seo website, all the pages were full of text. The challenge is to have enough text for seo purposes and yet not make the site boring. I thought SEOladder did quite well in this aspect. The colours and images blended in well with the content. The injection of nice graphics in appropriate places broke the monotony of the text. The placing of the lady image in the “about” section is a great example (fig 1). As a designer, I would still love the website to be more exciting with more images and lesser text. Oh yes, bigger font size would also be a good idea.

To make the website more interesting, the author might consider rotating the header image for different sections of the website. I would love to see some real pictures of the the people behind the scenes. So perhaps having some pictures of the authors under “About Us” or “Contact Us” might be a good idea?

fig 2. Newsletter subscription box could be sidewide?

The right column seemed cool with the Facebook and Twitter images. However, in the homepage, there were some empty spacing towards the footer of the page. Perhaps the newsletter subscription box could be on the right column just below to submit button instead of putting it near the footer in the homepage. The newsletter box could also be placed sidewide.

The Twitter link actually linked to the buyblogreviews account. This account could be a sister site to SEOladder but I still thought it is a good idea to have a separate Twitter account for branding purpose.


The website is a good place to visit if you are looking for seo in london. As a search engine optimisation company, SEOladder is definitely heading in the right direction of not over “seoing” the site. To improve the website credibility, I would suggest the author to proof read all the content again and perhaps insert some testimonials if any.