Divination, Astrology and Spirituality

findyourfate.com is an online portal on divination, astrology, horoscope and a wide range of esoteric practices. There is a good chance that a spiritual person or someone into divination would find what they want in there.

The homepage was packed with information. I was drawn to the mid section of the page displaying a wide range of clickable topics like Astrology, Horoscopes, Numerology, Prophecy, Planets…etc. Comparatively, the top menu didn’t seem to be that obvious.

fig 1. Table design needs to be relooked

I thought the table borders looked ancient. There were no consistency in table design. In fig1, the width of the bottom table was smaller than the top table. There were also nested tables with different border colours. Perhaps it is time to re-look at the layout and go for tableless design?

fig 2. The footer in the homepage

fig 3. The footer in the subpage

Looking at fig 2 and fig 3, I could see that they were designed differently without proper templates. The footer needs to be more consistent across different pages of the site. The frontpage seemed to be promoting subdomains more than the sub pages. The subdomains again looked very different from the main site. Perhaps the website was undergoing an overhaul and the webmaster was trying out some new things.

The Pisces Horoscope sub-domain looked more modernised but the header was equally inconsistent. Clicking on different links within the sub-domain brought me to a different world again. I felt like I was alice lost in the wonderland.

fig 4. A brand new modelling website

It looked like findyourfate branched out into modelling as well. I was not sure whether it was a good idea because I could not relate divination and astrology to modelling. My mood was changing so rapidly on every pages that I clicked and I was starting to get more and more confused.

A quote from http://www.findyourfate.com/model/

“findyourfate.com is not just a fashion portal.Its realms extend much beyond its presence on the networked world.”

I also saw many other interesting sections like matrimonials, and even dating. Perhaps findyourfate.com moved too far away from their primary business?


findyourfate.com scores very highly in content and I am sure spiritual people would find the “main site” interesting.

The problem I had was the lack of focus in the topics. When venturing into not so related business like dating, modelling and gem shopping, it might be better to branch them out as a different business (different domain names) and not try to relate them to findyourfate. I was totally lost with the different navigation system and layout of the subsites eventhough some of the subsites looked much better than the findyourfate.com main site.

Just like some of the subpages, findyourfate should use a modern content management system to provide more consistency in terms of layout which would also improve usability.