Automotive news and car reviews is a website designed to provide news on automobiles. There are also sections in the site that provides tips on buying and selling cars. The website looked relatively new to me and I am sure the author would want to add more content to the site to attract more people.

Form and Function

Upon arrival at the site, I was greeted by big “fast company” image (as seen on the screen shot). The rest of the images seemed to be 425 x 283 px. I thought the author should consider using smaller thumbnails and also be more consistent with image sizes especially on the homepage. The first impression is important.

The headers seemed to be a bit messed up. Slicing up the header banner up into tables is not a good idea today. I also thought that “News – Reviews – Recalls – Advice” were clickable but didn’t turned out to be so. The homepage also had a lot of empty spaces especially on the right. The footer seemed to be quite out of place and the w3c link linked to a page full of errors.

Clicking on the links in the homepage brought me to the blogs. The blogs was running on wordpress and obviously had better space management. Like the homepage, the blogs didn’t have a proper and consistent header banner as well. After looking at the homepage and the blog, I was wondering why the author didn’t run the whole website in wordpress but rather chose to have a blog running separately within the site. The picture gallery was again linked to a page with a different look and feel. Having separate apps running different parts of the site might be quick and easy to set up but poses usability issues.

Aestehtically, the site was plain and boring. There was not enough news and images to keep me entertained.


The domain name is good. The author should consider using a central cms (possibly wordpress) for the whole site and put in more effort to build up credible content with quality images. There are a lot of people interested in cars and I am sure that with enough effort, the site can gain more fans.