Rank better and earn more

teliad.com is the website of a German-based SEO company specialising in link building and search engine optimisation. Users are able to log into the site and buy/sell links in a user friendly marketplace.

Form and Function

Like a typical SEO website, advice teliad.com was filled with text. The website looked pretty standard with the logo on the top left, recipe main navigation on the top, medical news on the right column and a standard footer. The layout was pretty consistent across all the pages. The navigation was two tier but I found the second tier hard to spot though – they only appear if you click on the main menu.. Perhaps showing the second level menu on mouseover might make them more obvious.

The homepage message was clear – Rank Better and Earn More. The “register free of charge” button below the top menu was also obvious even though I thought it could be more obvious (bigger button?). Beside the button was the text – “seo analyses”, “link building service” and “ranking check”. I was not sure if these text were meant to constitute a process. If they were, maybe having some arrows to show a process? If they were not, then I felt they looked quite redundant. From the menu and homepage, it looked like the site wanted to convey three messages: marketplace, link building service and ranking check.

The marketplace section allows users to sell and get backlinks themselves. This section was filled with text as well. While I appreciate the importance of explaining the seo benefits to the user, I also hoped to see more graphics instead. The webmaster might consider a separate section to explain the seo benefits so as to allow the core site to focus on usability.

fig 1. Lengthy text explaining the benefits of having backlinks

User have to do a lot of reading to understand what the website is about but I found the text used in the site quite small and hard to read. I believe having lesser text and more diagrams would improve usability and encourage more signups. The webmaster should also showcase more testimonials and case studies. I only saw little case studies on the right column under the linkbuilding service section. These were not even case studies per say. The company should describe how they achieved top rankings for others and how people praised them for it – some photos would be a bonus.

fig 2. RankingScore

The rankingscore and rankingindex were interesting. It looked like teliad developed their own point system to determine the strength and visibility of a url. I thought these two services were handy, maybe we can have some quick links to these pages on the right column.

fig 3. Photos of the management

The about us section told us a bit about the company and contained pictures of the management. I thought the section was well written but again, I would love to see more pictures of the office with friendly staffs. I also liked the fact that the website had other sites in different domains, ie teliad.de, teliad.es, teliad.fr and teliad.it. Allowing viewers to view the site in languages that they like is always a bonus.


teliad.com was a fully functional and serious website. There was a lot of seo juice in the texts but I suggest the management to consider having lesser text and more graphics or videos to improve usability, hence encouraging more signups. They can educate the users about seo somewhere else. Modern websites have a lot of space. and one good example would be 99designs.com. The right column should also be better utilised as they do not seem to be making any impact at the moment.