Natural Healing in Phillipines

Ananda Marga wellness centre is a natural healing centre located in Philippines. Their website looks well organised and professional. Navigation is easy as well.

I was greeted with a homepage that was welcoming. I thought the tag line was easily well understood – “A place to be healed while learning to be healthy forever”. After reading through the content a bit, I took that as relating to some sort of spiritual lifestyle and practice of meditation and yoga as part of the healing exercise. If that was the case, then perhaps the header image in the homepage could be a bit misleading as it seemed to convey the message that the website was about providing high class spa-massage service.

The “CD For Sale” link on left menu should be clickable even though it was not available as the big graphic was telling me to “Click on me to find out more”. On the other hand, the newsletter subscription link on the homepage should be a sitewide link instead (could be a menu item, side or footer link). It could be missed too easily if people don’t see it within the header image in the homepage.

Fig 1. Facebook image could be improved?

I thought the home page title could be shortened as well just like the sub-pages. For seo yes, but for readability…mmm.

I liked the navigation – simple and easily understood. Menus with submenus should be clickable. For example, clicking on “about us” should bring me to a page, even if it is to the first submenu of “about us”, ie “about ananda marga yoga”. Images in the testimonial page looked a bit blurry for me but all the other pages had strong graphics, well done and keep it up.

Conclusion was a well designed site with strong graphics and great content. I would consider it as an above-average website. However, it seemed a bit quiet at the moment. Perhaps more buzz could be created using social media – add some Facebook and twitter comments?