Meet Smilesaver – The Disposable Toothbrush is the official website of smilesaver – a disposable toothbrush integrated with gel. The website was simple to navigate and had a loading time of about 10 secs on my machine.

The layout and colors was pleasing for the eyes. I could figure out exactly what the site was about within 5 secs upon visiting the homepage as the logo revealed a lot about them – “Disposable Toothebrush Supplier”. The quality of the logo was however a bit blurred on my firefox. Was it just me? Beside the logo and on the top right was the main menu: home, see product, about us and contact (Big fonts and simple to understand).

Beneath the top menu was a flash header image. I wondered if the use of flash was necessary as the effect could easily be achieved with simple javascript. I would also like to see more spacing between the top nav and the header image. Taking a helicopter view of the pages again, I wondered if the 60px LeagueGothicRegular body header H2 font was too big? The facebook news looked OK in the homepage but might bore the users when added to other pages as well.

I found the content a bit long-winded. Pictures tell a thousand words. Perhaps the flash animation for the use of the toothbrush could be put in the header instead and the homepage could fit into a browser without the need to scroll.

The only section that was a bit confusing for me was the “about us” page. The site was clearly selling disposable toothbrush but then the about us page talked about “non profit company” and “providing employment and training support to people with disabilities”. Perhaps that page needed to be relooked.

I also did not think that the author need to put the 4 logos on the footer. These logos should perhaps go into the “about us” or products page.