SEO Specialists in Australia is an australian based seo company providing seo services since 2007. Other than providing their own unique Organic Search Acceleration service which many businesses claimed to get good results from, they also offer other SEO services like Market and Keyword Analysis, Competitor Analysis Report, Site SEO Audit Report and Site Blueprint Report. Like many other SEO websites, I found the website quite wordy and stuffed with keywords.

The homepage looked simple and the layout was predictable for a typical SEO site. The top navigation contained the important links with no fancy menus. Orange color was prominent (could that be because of the company’s name?). I thought their message was very simple in the header “Online Marketing and SEO Specialists” and it would be very hard to miss. The Organic Search Accelerator diagram was good but the HTML used for that section was ugly. As a result of poor HTML, the image seemed to be repeating in my firefox, ie instead of using a table and a background image, that section could easily be re-written using divs.

The right column contained a subscription link, some company logos and a testimonial. I hoped the right column could be more dynamic. It looked quite boring with the same testimonial on every pages.

I found the text used in the site a bit cramped. Perhaps a bit breathing space between each line and bigger font size would be good. My attention was drawn to the images rather than the text, so I suggest the owner to have more graphics to explain their services rather than using plain small text (I know, I know… its all for SEO).

The search engine optimization and SEO Services section were probably the wordiest of all. It would take one a lot of patience to read them. I liked the idea of using some illustrations to break up the text in those pages. Having embedded videos to explain the services might also be a cool idea.

Fig 1. Alignment issue in the contact us page

I also saw some usability issues in the forms used in the site. The submit button in the contact us form was too small and the login page looked ugly. There were alignment issues here and there but they didn’t seem to affect the functionality of the site.


The owner of might want to consider making the website more friendly by injecting more graphics with different colors. Pictures of real people are good and convincing. Personally, I would also add more dynamic elements to the right column and individual pages to make the site more lively. I could not find any traces of social media in the site at all – Facebook and Twitter widgets would also be cool.