Money Clips and Credit Card Holders

As the domain name says, is a website that sells money and card holder. The website looked slick on the first glance. The graphics were professional and the thumbnails seemed to be optimised as well. I thought the color combination of the text and graphics blended well on the black background.

My eyes was drawn to the slider on the header. Unlike other sliders, this one seemed to be moving too fast for me and there was no way to stop it upon mouseover. However after playing it for a while, I noticed that I could stop and navigate the slider with the small navigation on the top right of the slider. It wasn’t as usable as I thought.

On the homepage, I also saw the words “Money clips and Credit card holders for him and her”. They were black text on black background (see fig 1). The words didn’t stand out, perhaps changing the text to white might be an idea.

fig 1. Spacing issues

Throughout the site, I noticed some text didn’t have enough left padding (see fig 1). I wasn’t sure if it was browser related (I was using firefox). The Facebook widget on the right column didn’t seemed to have enough spacing around them as well.

fig 2. Cool video on product page.

The highlight of the site seemed to the exentri section. EXENTRI™ is a lightweight credit card holder invented by their company. I thought the “Facebook Like” and “Google Plus” link could be grouped together and more prominent. The YouTube video could be moved lower down so there wouldn’t be so much empty space under the “more views”.

Fig 3. Need to configure meta headers for all the pages

As shown in fig 3, looked like the author forgot to configure the meta headers for some pages.

I also thought the footer could be trimmed better since a lot of links linked to the same “customer service” page. Perhaps they could also be centralised. The paypal logo seemed to be a bit off, not sure why it was separated from the rest of the payment logos.


money clip is reasonably well designed site. There were some spacing and formatting issues that could be fixed easily with css. Perhaps the next thing to do is to run some marketing campaigns and create more buzz. Even thought the site is available in different languages, they all looked quite quiet at the moment.