Web Hosting Buzz in UK

Webhostingbuzz.co.uk is a popular UK based Web Hosting provider. They provide a variety of web, reseller and VPS hosting packages for individuals, small or large businesses. The site seems to have the bells and whistles of a modern day Web Hosting Website.


I always think the the homepage is the most important page of the site as it is usually the entry point for many visitors. I saw what I expected to see of a web hosting website when I visited www.webhostingbuzz.co.uk – visible phone support number, live chat link and attractive plans right on your face.

The main menu was on the top. I thought they were all self explanatory and easy to navigate. Just like other top level menu items, I thought the “Company Information” link should be clickable though just for the sake of consistency. If it is too hard to create a separate page, perhaps linking it to the first item of the drop down (Leadership Team) could be an easy solution.

As my eyes moved down to the content area, I was drawn towards the “Current Special Offers” and “Green Hosting”. Images work very well to capture attention of the visitors and I actually hope to see more fun graphics in this site. The content explaining why they are the leading web hosting provider in UK and Europe on the left is good but a bit hard to digest. There need to be more breathing spacing between each line of text which can be fixed easily using CSS.

The footer is also too much to digest. The paragraph of “Further Hosting Information” could go to the “Technology” or other sections and I thought the “30 day money back guarantee” paragraph should be in a more prominent place.

The header pic of the cpu looked OK on the homepage but I got a bit bored after seeing it appearing on every other pages (how about rotating the header graphic?). I also thought that the blog, forums and affiliate links beside the logo on the top left seemed to be too small and out of place – yes it was a bit cluttered up there. How about a separate menu to contain those links?

Main Focus of the Site

The main sections of the site should be Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting and VPS Hosting because these would be the pages that actually convert.

fig 1. The Web Hosting Page

In the Web hosting section (fig 1), the grid-like hosting packages comparison chart gives people a clear idea of what to expect from each package. Highlighting the “Hosting Silver” (or should it be Silver Hosting?) package is also good – this is a good deal. Buy it Now! Since this is the conversion page, I don’t mind the “Buy Now” button being more prominent. The “Expand for full plan specification” popup is also good as users won’t get flooded with the details upon arrival of this page. I also like the “Learn more about Web Hosting section” as it is very usable.

Injecting a bit of icons just like the VPS Hosting page might be another idea to make this page more interesting. Graphics is the only lacking thing in this page.

Something Out Of The Blue

Fig 2. Fun cartoon characters

The page that stood out from the rest was actually the Leadership Team page simply because it broke the monotony of the site – injecting a bit of fun is always good to make your potential customers feel good. Perhaps another idea is to use real photographs.


Unlike other web hosting company, I believe that the people behind webhostingbuzz.co.uk have spend a lot of time thinking about their corporate image and customer experience when designing the site. The content was carefully thought of and blocks of information were strategically placed. Except the checkout page (different software?), the whole site was quite consistent in terms layout and design.

In conclusion, I would say that this is an above average web hosting website. I would like to see more life in the site though – more interactive content and graphics.