Fantastic Resource For Job Seekers is a website that provides career advice, helps people to write resume and search for jobs. The design of the site is standard but the content is rich. Anyone interested to find a new job might find this site interesting.

First 5 mins on Homepage

Upon landing on the homepage, I was drawn towards the logo on the top left. I thought the gradient background on header was a bit old fashion. The logo looked pale sitting on the greenish background. The top menu was boring as well but the menu item drop down was functioning – again some polishing would be great.

fig 1. Commonly found spacing issues.

The sharebar above the “Career Advice – Job Search – Resume Service Reviews” seemed out of place. Perhaps making the bar a bit bigger and putting it under the title? It was a good idea to put graphics beside the content like what the author has done. However, the graphics needed more breathing space around it. Some consistency in the size of the graphics used throughout the site is also a good idea. Also, some graphics had rounded corners while some didn’t.

Scrolling further down, I found the content a bit too much for me but might be interesting if I were to be a job seeker. I liked the step by step flow of content, i.e. resume writing tips -> cover letter writing -> resume distribution -> job search -> interview -> starting a new job. Perhaps a diagram to highlight this process would be great.

Next 10 mins

The right column seemed to be pretty standard throughout the site, i.e. job search, advert, latest tweets, job search resource, newsletters signup, “improve your brain” and a survey. I would suggest some variation across different categories to keep visitors engaged.

fig 2. Nice resume writing service listing

The highlight of the site seemed to be recommendations to use 3rd party services. Under the resume writing service for example, I could see reviews and recommendations for each service. The stars beside each service was intuitive. Clicking on each link ( for example) brought me to the review page. The public commented and voted on the service which resulted in the number of stars (I believed) – nice. The Facebook like, twitter and share buttons needed to be more prominent to encourage more sharing.

Next 20 mins

As I digged in more and more, I found each sections a world of its own. Thumbs up to the author. He/She must have put in a lot of effort to create all these content.

fig 3. What happened to the job map page?

Every page that I visited seemed to be “seoed” but lacked tagging. It would be good if I could find all related post all in one go using tags. I was particularly interested in the people behind the scene but couldn’t find any till I saw the staff link under the sitemap. A lot of pages had empty spaces below the content area due to the right column. Again, I thought that the right column needed to be revisited.

I was surprised to find a forum on the site as I know that maintaining and promoting a forum is always difficult. It could be a setback if nobody uses it. As expected, The forum needed more spark to kick off.


In conclusion, is a website with great resource for job seekers. It would have enough information to keep a job seeker entertained for hours. On the other hand, a lot could be done In terms of design and layout. There was room for improvement in terms of graphics consistency (spacing, quality, size, rounded corners…etc. The site is definitely moving in the right direction and has a great future ahead.