Easy Website Builders

easywebsitebuilders.net reviews the top website building services around. Creating a website can be complicated for people who aren’t tech savvy or have never created one before. Using third party services can help one to create a website without much effort.

The homepage

The homepage looked simple and its message was clear to me. There was not much of fancy design going on… The headers was simple with the text “Easy Website Builders” followed by an explanation of what website builder services was about. I was thinking whether a layman would even know what a website builder is and bother reading the chunk of text underneath the header. It might be a good idea if the webmaster could highlight words like “Free website building software”, “no programming knowledge” and “allow anyone to build a website in minutes”.

The highlight of the website seemed to be their website builder review service. In fact, I was drawn towards the stars in the review section on the homepage on first look. I expected a more prominent “Read Review” link but it turned out that the “visit site” link was much bigger. How about having both links equally prominent?

Scrolling further down, I saw blocks containing short description of each website creation service, like Wix, Hub, 1 & 1…etc. To be honest, I prefered the design of these bigger blocks of content rather than the comparison table above. How about combining both layout together? It would be cool if the description of each service could be shown as tooltips when the user mouseover the links in the table.

Scrolling down even further, I saw articles on “choosing the right online website builder for you” and “who needs a website builder”. I didn’t have the mood to read anymore! The homepage was a bit too much to digest. I got a feeling that the webmaster wanted to tell too much in the homepage or it could be for seo reasons.

The Review Page

fig 1. Website builder Review Page

I clicked on the hub review and jumped onto the review page.The “click here to visit” seemed to be out of place on top. A better idea might be to move it closer to the end of the review as people would have decided if they want to click on the link or not. I doubt putting it so high up would receive any clicks. I also hoped to see more visuals or even embedded videos to help me understand their service better. The hub review page was too wordy and pitchy for me. I also compared it with wix review. The later seemed to have more comments. The right column throughout the site was very empty. The webmaster could certainly do something with it.

Other Pages

As I navigated the site, I couldn’t find any interesting content. Even if I was a potential customer, my interest died quite quickly. The homepage was an exception. I also found the “about us” and forum to be quite empty. The contest page was cool and I hoped that that could be featured more prominently in other parts of the website (how about the right column?). The polls section didn’t do much and I would suggest removing it from the site altogether.


easywebsitebuilders.net looked like a typical affiliate website. I hoped to see more interactivity and promotions in the homepage. Perhaps the owner might also want to think about how to make the website stand out from the rest.