800 numbers

besttollfree800numbers.com is a website that provides reviews and ratings of various 800 number service providers. The website looked quite standard with all the important information on the front page.

I thought the logo on the top left was too simplistic. A bit more effort could lift the brand up a bit. The tag “affordable 800 number services” below the logo was good but could be in a more visible place. The top navigation below the logo was simple but needed a bit of breathing space. I felt that the author was trying to the show the 800 service plans quickly but might have missed out on the aesthetics. I had no idea of what monthly, “pay as you go” or “international 800” service plans meant and I got lost on the front page easily after looking at the comparison charts. Furthermore, there were alignment issues with the table cells.

Looking at the Monthly Service Plans and taking RingCentral for example, I found it hard to read the reviews first before going to the website; I clicked on the service link on the left (which brought me to RingCentral directly) rather than the RingCentral Reviews link. I hoped the comparison could be replaced by more icons and bigger text.

Fig 1. A lot of text on Review Page

The RingCentral review page was full of text (see fig 1). I hoped to see some graphics and icons to cut down my reading time but couldn’t find any. The “Try RingCentral Mobile Free for 30 days” could be placed more prominently in several places rather than just towards the end of the page. Potential customers might want to click on the link before scrolling till end of the page.

Fig 2. Alignment issues with the footer.

As I read further, I noticed some good information about toll free phone service. I felt I was reading a FAQ section on the homepage. My homepage impression was concluded with a non-consistent footer. On further thought, I thought that the homepage might have been tweaked or designed specifically for SEO purposes even though it was not as user friendly as I liked to be.

The “About” and “Contact” page was quite empty and I didn’t take in anything from it. The resource page seemed to be a linked exchange directory and I was quite skeptical about the resume links there. The article page was more interesting and contained links to relevant pages. After reading some of the articles, I thought they were quite static and existed more for SEO purposes.


In conclusion, besttollfree800numbers.com was a website that depended a lot on the success of the homepage. I hoped to see more links on what 800 was about earlier on before seeing the comparison chart. I also hoped to see more graphics and consistency in content alignment within the site.