Property Management Reviews is a website that allows one to find and compare property management companies by reading independent reviews given by landlords and tenants. The website send me a strong message of “Find and Compare Property Management Companies” when I visited it.

The main navigation was clear at the very top of the page even though the contrast of the background on the menu text upon mouse over could be better. The logo looked good floated left and the advertisement floated right. Looking further down in the headers, prescription I saw the “find mangers” search box – I hoped to see some ajax checking on the zip code even before clicking on submit as I could type in the wrong zip code.

fig 1. Property Search results.

fig 2. Detail page of the management company.

Fig 1 showed a search result for zip code 30671 and fig 2 was a screen shot when I clicked on one of the “read more” link. As the title of the site suggested, stuff I was looking for a company with the best reviews but could not find any. I hoped to see some quick links to these companies from the home page or at least on the side menu. Give me some recommendations!

As the homepage described, viagra

“Begin by choosing your city from the dropdown menu at the right of this page.”

I looked that right and saw the city drop down near the footer. I thought the drop down should have been more obvious near the top. The content in the homepage content area was well written but the Phoeonix self storage footer link (for seo reasons?) discredited the site a bit.

fig 3. no polls on the right column.

On the right column, the polls section could be removed since there was no polls at the moment. The real estate and services section had links not related to the website as well.

The Property Management Software Review section was a good resource but the number of reviews for each software did not tally with the actual number of reviews. The property cities page needed some layout fix as well. At the time of writing, the contact us page was also broken.


In conclusion, needed a total rework in terms of usability. The site seemed to be heavily seo optimised and served as a link hub. The site had very obvious unrelated links and this is something that the webmaster might want to take note of.